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Complying with the Privacy Policy Rules on the Site is the site that takes care of the students’ privacy. We are committed to protecting the information and therefore have established the policy that is going to maintain the rules of the service. The following policy contains a description of the tools that are available at the abovementioned site. We are also here to announce and explain the correct usage, collection, and gathering information for the outside sources. The policy can be also applicable to:

  • The website itself.
  • The use of the tools that have been stated previously.
  • The messages that are sent between you and the following website.
  • Through mobile apps that are responsible for communication between you and the website.
  • Through ads that have the links to the policy.

The policy does not apply in case:

  • You reach the website through unauthorized sources or sources that have not been run by the company.
  • You contact third parties that have no connection to the company whatsoever.
  • When asking for the tools through means that are not mentioned in the list, relating to the work of the company.
  • When the information that has been given to the users is used for personal profit.

Studying the Policy and Treating the Customers

We urge the users to study the privacy policy carefully before they proceed with collecting information for the assignment. The company’s representatives put special stress on the matters for the reasons that have been listed by the professionals. These include not using the data for academic needs or finding the tools at the site to be inappropriate. If the search is launched using our tools specifically, this means that the students have read the basic policy rules and are ready to follow them.

Please note that the privacy policy can be changed according to the company’s standards. Through reading the detailed description of the site’s values and instructions, you can become familiar with the site’s attitude toward the changes. We also encourage the customers to check on the privacy policy once in two weeks to make sure there have not been additional details put on the list.

The following website was not established for underage children and children under the age of thirteen. Those users who have not reached the said age cannot provide any info for the company nor are they allowed to register for further cooperation. Any interactions and contacts that may involve specifying the telephone number, address, name and last name, are forbidden. This policy was established to make sure that underage children do not have access to commenting on the features of the website. If there is no verification from the user throughout the registration process, the company has the right to delete any data that seems inappropriate.

Information, Provided by the Regular Users

The information that is given by the users typically includes:

  • Information that is given by filling in the form on the site. By signing up, you automatically agree to receive news and notifications from the service. We are committed to providing the full range of tools to the students, that’s why we may ask you for personal details when the issue is reported.
  • Copies of the interaction and correspondence when contacting the representatives of the site for the first time. We are not going to deliver this information to third parties as we believe in the anonymity of the sources and value the level of piracy that is maintained at the site. The transaction details may also be requested on demand. You will have to send the financial data to the company’s management in order to clarify the situation. The same goes for search information and the one that is found in the uploaded documents.