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Terms of Use and Legal Agreement for the Site

We encourage the users to study the terms of use carefully as they contain essential data for the official agreement between the company and the students. If the learners do not agree with the terms of use that are stated by the company, they are not allowed to interact with the site. makes reservations regarding the future changes of the terms’ policy. This is done in order to maintain the stability of the platform and make sure that the information posted is verified by the company. The following list sums up the terms of use that we represent:

  • Acceptability. The users are not allowed to register at the website and further interact with the company if they have not reached a certain age. To use the services to the full extent, you have to warrant that you are not under the age of thirteen. The users have to be authorized with the help of the company’s registration profile in order to get access to the full range of tools.
  • Account. The next step of using the service is the registration on the site. This is done in order to maintain an active profile and give personal information to the company’s management. By agreeing to create the user’s account, you automatically give permission to process the details of the research. The termination of the account is possible whenever the users do not have time to follow the rules that have been established by the website.
  • Changes. The company maintains the right to change the policy according to the terms of use and the site’s admission. Those who need a more detailed report on the subject are allowed to contact the site’s management for further inquiry. The customers are strongly requested to contact the representatives in case the confidentiality leak has been reported. If any type of inconvenience occurs under the account’s name, you have to send a message to the management and make sure they take the measures before the privacy has been breached. The users also have to notify the company in case there have been occurrences of unauthorized access to a particular profile. Password security is an important part of the confidentiality policy, therefore we never allow it to be violated under the website’s name.
  • Payment. has subscription plans that are designed specifically for the website’s users. However, the company maintains the right to change the pricing list and post the new structure to the website according to the customized payment plan. The company has the ability to update the features on the pricing plan for more accessibility, but is not obligated to do so according to the website’s policy. The services are readily available for the users as soon as they select the purchase plan and get familiar with the details. If the users have agreed to the payment and haven’t fulfilled it due to a number of listed reasons, the company reserves the right to cancel the assistance and terminate the use of the account.
  • Warranties. The users are asked to warrant that they agree to follow the rules of the website and give us full power in doing so. They also have to comply with the terms that are stated by the agreement. This is done in order to use the platform effectively. Please remember that the rights to having an intellectual property intact are the part of the legal agreement. This means that the user’s account might be suspended due to the violation of the copyright. Third parties are not allowed to enter the agreement once you have become familiar with the general terms of use. The users have to acknowledge and admit the website’s right to review the terms of use on occasion.